Who is legally behind Findme2care?

The legal operator of the FindMe2care platform is RxOME GmbH, which was founded by the two human genetic institutions amedes Medizinischedienste GmbH and the Medical Genetic Center (MGZ). RxOME GmbH aims to promote and strengthen exchange between different interest groups in the field of medical genetics (such as patients, human geneticists, medical employees from other disciplines and pharmaceutical companies). One means of doing this is the development and distribution of software and online solutions. With FindMe2care, RxOME GmbH wants to achieve exactly this goal and at the same time put the patient first.

RxOME GmbH has no intention of making a profit; a transfer to a non-profit foundation is planned.

Patients retain sovereignty over their data. FindMe2care is bound to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The patients give the platform a specific consent to use the data exclusively for contacting them to provide information about inquiries from interest groups, also on the condition that no third party has access to it. Due to this purpose limitation, any other use of the data (e.g. “monetization”) is excluded. Which human genetic laboratories generate QR codes for FindMe2care? How long has FindMe2care existed and what are the targeted milestones? How is the scientific board of FindMe2care staffed? Who can submit requests to FindMe2care?