FAQs – for human genetic laboratories

Which human genetics laboratories generate QR codes for FindMe2care?

The generation of QR codes for encoding the confirmed genetic diagnosis is open to all accredited human genetic laboratories. The aim is for as many human genetic laboratories as possible to participate, and this is expressly supported by a structured “onbaording” process.

How can my human genetics laboratory participate?

Please send an email to info@findme2care.de and we will get back to you with further information.

What will my laboratory have to do?
  1. Technical registration: Setting up the QR code generator in the LIMS or locally in your own IT structure and registering the access data.
  2. Technical tests: non-real data is processed, a QR code is generated and the correct and complete transmission of the data in the FindMe2care platform is checked.
  3. Onboarding: all your questions are clarified in a (virtual) meeting, and further relevant information is provided.
Which systems do I need?

A ready-to-use integration with GenLab will be available soon. Other LIMS, such as Gepado, will follow. In addition, the QR code generator runs in the laboratory’s local network and can be integrated into the work processes independently of the LIMS. This is made possible by using the Phenopacket standard, among other things. Questions about the local setup can be discussed in a (virtual) meeting without obligation.

How much work does it involve in everyday life?

QR codes are only generated for patients whose diagnosis has been confirmed after human genetic testing. The generation of QR codes can be largely automated.

  • The required data is collected in the routine, so no further documentation/data collection is required.
  • The data is processed as part of regular data processing, which is why no additional consent needs to be obtained.
  • As the patient passes on their own data under their own responsibility, no release from the duty of confidentiality is required.

Apart from generating the QR code, no additional work is required.

What are the costs for my human genetics laboratory?

Participation in FindMe2care is free of charge for all accredited human genetics laboratories!